Geometry of Healing Online Program

Geometry, your body, and where the new physics and medicine meet your personal potential


Here’s What We’ll Cover

We’ll show you everything you need to know about geometry, what it means to your health and how to tap into the magic you always knew was there


Two Levels, Six sections,

and 50% off for limited pre-launch price

Level One is designed for those who want to understand the ABC of geometry and advance further into an expanded understanding of the Flower of Life, Pi, Phi, Fibonacci, Five platonic solids and more. This pre-launch offer includes a free 60-minute video tutorial to give you all the goods of both levels in one neat package. 

Level Two is offered separately for those who want to know more about what this has to do with your body and health now that you understand the basics. This level also offers you a gift of a 30-minute Somatic Stretch class to start you on a practice to embody your own art and connect with your own geometry. 

All teaching modules in all segments consist of video, written and audio components for detailed learning (left brain) with an artistic (right brain) focus for accelerated learning.  

Level One

  1. Introduction: What you need to know to start this journey
  2. What is geometry?; Medical examples; Michael Faraday and the electro-magnetic spectrum.
  3. The Building Blocks: Pi, Phi and Fibonacci; The five platonic solids; Five Elements of Chinese Medicine; Pythia and Pythagoras.
  4. Fractals and Fractal Anatomy; What it has to do with You; Dissection and discoveries.
  5. Chakras and Singularities; Sanskrit texts and what they really say; what singularities in physics are and why this explains Chakras today.
  6. A parry into Physics; a bird’s eye view of what we know, what we don’t and where we’re going

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Level Two

The inner body dive

Now that you know the basics, what does it have to do with YOUR body? 

  1. Meridians and Nadi’s; What they are, how the relate to understanding your body better
  2. Three Vertical Lines: Eastern wisdom, Western knowledge; Ida, Pingala, Sushumna; Kundalini theory and stories
  3. Three core centers: Medieval philosophy; Current medicine; Sexuality and three Dantiens
  4. Horizontal flow: Japanese Shiatsu energetics; Wilhelm Reich and the function of the orgasm.
  5. Kabbalah; Bringing geometry together; Ancient wisdoms hidden within cosmological patterning
  6. How to use this information: Introduction to Somatic Stretch; Fractal means of working with yourself; workshop information for therapists who work with the body.


Level One: 

Free 60-minute video tutorial on Fractal Anatomy and the Geometry of Healing. A component of my workshops, this tutorial leads you through all the essentials in one short hour!

"WOW finally someone is speaking in the language I love, and crave, and hardly find in the world. I have been studying all these concepts as well, but you have made a connection, found a secret, and created a method to put those concepts to use for humanity in the NOW." ~ Customer testimonial


Level Two:

There are many ways to enhance your vision, creativity and personal health through the understanding of fractals and physiology. With Level Two you receive an added 30-minute Somatic Stretch class to begin the journey into gentle flexibility while considering your internal energy anatomy. For most ages, any sex and all levels of flex! 

"This is the kind of work I can imagine doing my whole life!" ~ LA Student

Increase your health, empower your wellness and amplify your creativity!

Geometry is the only mathematical science that requires both the left and right sides of your brain. Dive now into the details to enhance vision and inspire creativity in your every day - while the price is the lowest it will ever be!

This level of learning on the body and geometry has not been seen before - or your investment returned!

Sacred Geometry. Cosmological geometry. We wear it on our t-shirts, marvel over beautiful fractal art, see it in religious tiling of mosques and may even witness fractal movement in our dreams, yet the answer to what it means often eludes many.

Answers such as ‘it’s all one’ are true but this barely scratches the surface of this ancient philosophy that traverses areas ranging from architecture and music to the movement of planets. For some it represents ‘the ascension process’ which is another way of saying that it changes ones consciousness.

‘Fractals’ are how our intestines fold in on each other, just as our cell phone batteries compact in fractal style to keep us connected, and even our DNA uses the golden mean proportion to create every cell!

The depth and breadth of geometry, fractals, pi, phi and the five platonic solids weave a fascinating story of your own body, mind and material world.

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I’m releasing work that began for me in 1995 and that has taken me on my life's path ever since. Comprehensive and clear, with rare information you likely cannot find anywhere else, this pre-launch special is the best way to acquire cutting edge information in an inspiring and compact format. 

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After we launch you will have to buy this at double the cost. Geometry is the future and the understanding of it is essential to health, creative thinking and accelerated visioning.


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